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Val Chauca dedicates Adamson-FEU game to fire victims in San Marcelino


Val Chauca took the 83-71 loss against FEU Tamaraws personally, not because of their current 3-4 logjam standing in UAAP Season 82.

The Filipino-Peruvian cager dedicated the game to the victims of fire in San Marcelino.

“I think that’s the toughest part about today. When the buzzer sounded, it’s not like you just lost. As a team, you lost everyone in the crowd and letting those people down, over a thousand people lost everything, 900 of those students, that hurts,” Chauca shared.

A fire broke out in a residential area just behind Adamson University’s dormitory on Thursday.

According to Manila City Public Information Office, the disaster reached alarm level five which cost 1,000 families to be displaced.

The 24-year-old took on social media to spread useful information on how others could reach out to the fire victims.

Chauca also did his part in helping other volunteers in providing assistance as well.

“I was just leaving practice and I just saw the smoke so I just immediately, (because of) how I was raised, just go and help in any way you can. There’s an internet cafe that needed to take stuff out. So we were moving out desktops and the machinery and the paper, just doing whatever I could and after 10 minutes, the roof was on fire so we weren’t allowed to go back in,” Chauca explained.

Despite only having one season on his watch, the one-and-done Chauca has definitely considered Adamson his second-home, and he is doing everything he can for the community that has accepted him with open arms.

“I think the difference between Adamson and a lot of the top schools is that Adamson represents the blue-collar type of school,” Chauca said.

“Some of the poorer students go to Adamson so it means a lot to me of how I was brought up and how I made it in basketball to represent those types of people, the working class, the people who save up all week to come to our games. It’s not really like and no shame on La Salle and Ateneo, no disrespect but a lot of those students are well off. So it means a lot to represent Adamson.”