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VIRAL: Is Denden Lazaro suplada?


A video is currently making rounds on the internet in which Asset Manager Denden Lazaro was caught acting a little snobbish after a fan asked for a picture.

Uploaded by a Facebook user named Marya Ge-Ann Matsunaga, the video has 1.8 million views, was shared more than 24,000 times with more than 18,000 comments as of writing.

The eager fan wanted to put his arm on the prized libero’s shoulder, but Denden visibly wanted none of it. The former Lady Eagle instead stood at least a step away from the said fan and continued on with the photo-op.

The libero is yet to make a comment on the video.

Was this a case of a celebrity being snobbish to fans? Or was Denden just wary of her personal space?