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Wasak Ka Sa Amin! Shaq responds to Draymond Green’s previous comments


Shaquille O’Neal also had some spicy take on Draymond Green’s comments about him and Stephen Curry “destroying” Shaq in pick and roll.

The Diesel addressed the Golden State Warriors forward’s comments on “The Big Podcast With Shaq saying that the Warriors would hardly stand a chance against the 2000s Lakers in his era.

“In my era, [the Warriors] would have been the six or seven seed. You had us, you had San Antonio, you had the Utah Jazz, you had Portland, you had White Chocolate and C-Webb [in Sacramento],” the four-time NBA champion said.

“But again, it’s his opinion. I try not to get personal with people’s opinions. But however, Mr. Draymond, like you said, I would’ve torn your ass up on that block.”

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Shaq kept it 💯 (via @lakers)

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Draymond previously appeared at “All The Smokes” with Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes where he made some controversial takes, including the ones with Shaq.

Good thing O’Neal himself doesn’t back down from beefs.