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WATCH: ‘Basketbrawl’ breaks out in FilOil Premier Cup


It was quite a physical day for college basketball between the De La Salle Green Archers and the UST Growling Tigers during the FilOil Premier Cup match on Sunday.

According to reports, Green Archer Ramil Tero and UST guard Marvin Lee exchanged punches at midcourt, and before you knew it, the whole team was on the floor and both benches were right in the thick of it.

A not-so-friendly trash-talking quickly turned into a basketbrawl, resulting to ejection of La Salle’s Ricci Rivero, Gabe Capacio, and Santi Santillan and UST’s Carlos Escalambre, Christian Garcia, Jordan Sta. Ana, Jeepy Faundo, Zach Huang, and Wendell de Guzman at the height of the melee.