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WATCH: Heated exchanges between TJ Warren and Jimmy Butler


A new tough rivalry has been formed between Indiana’s TJ Warren and Miami’s Jimmy Butler.

During the Heat-Pacers matchup, Warren committed a hard foul on Butler with 6:29 remaining in the third period, to which the latter didn’t appreciate.

Of course, things got heated between both forwards where they exchanged a few words against each other, and the two would get a technical foul.

Just six seconds later, Butler was called for an offensive foul against Warren, but the latter would be slapped with an ejection for taunting.

There is a obviously a bad blood during the encounter, as Warren was spotted raising his middle finger while Butler had the last laugh when he sent his rival a goodbye kiss.

The Heat would go on to win against Pacers, 122-108, and when the All-Star forward was asked about his altercation with Warren, this was his response.