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WATCH: Valdez and Creamline Dance the ‘Switch It Up’ Challenge


The Phenom joins her Creamline Cool Smashers teammates as they switch on their phenomenal moves on the trending “Switch It Up” challenge.

On Instagram, Alyssa Valdez shared the video of her performance with the squad – Fille Cainglet, Melissa Gohing, Jema Galanza, Coleen Bravo, Rosemarie Vargaz, and Riz Mandapat – dancing to the hit song of of hip-hop artist Lavaado

“It’s never too late for the #SwitchItUpChallenge. @kylamatienza ft. Creamline Cool Smashers 🏐💕😂😂😂,” said Valdez on her caption.

And truly, there’s no switching off as the Creamline crew lit up Instagram anew with their own take on the challenge!