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Why Is Steve Kerr Disappointed in ‘The Last Dance’ Documentary?


The recently-concluded “The Last Dance” featured the greatness of Michael Jordan and the rest of the Chicago Bulls in their final championship run.

From known NBA legends like MJ, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman, The Last Dance also featured the clutch performances and steady contribution of Steve Kerr on the team.

However, the Golden State Warriors head coach was a little disappointed on how The Last Dance opted out guys like Ron Harper and Luc Longley — who are basically part of the Chicago Bulls’ starting five.
“It was a little disappointing that a couple of guys Luke Longley and Ron Harper didn’t get a whole lot of coverage. But you can only do so much obviously and Luke lives in remote western Australia,” Kerr said in The Bill Simmons podcast.

“So, I don’t know I still talk with him he’s still a good friend and I don’t know what the budget was for ‘The Last Dance’ but it wasn’t big enough to fly to remote western Australia I think and go interview him. But I would have liked to see him and Ron get a little more love just because they were starters and huge players on those teams.”

Harper was a tall defensive point guard who won three rings with the Bulls, and last two championships with the Los Angeles Lakers.

On the other hand, Longley was an Australian baller who was also a force inside the paint.