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Yeng Guiao trashtalk against Romeo Travis: Tawagan mo si LeBron!


NLEX Road Warriors coach Yeng Guiao never backed down from an argument. And he showed just that during NLEX’s game against the Magnolia when he asked Hotshots import Romeo Travis asked to call his friend, NBA superstar LeBron James, for help.

At one point in the second half during the NLEX-Magnolia game on Sunday, Guiao was seen making a gesture as if he was calling someone on the phone while trying to draw Travis’ attention.

Asked about it a day later, Guiao said he was telling Travis to call his close friend and high school teammate LeBron because he may need his help to bail Magnolia out.

“I was telling him to call a friend,” Guiao said laughing. “We were trash-talking a little and I was trying to tell him that he may need the help of LeBron to get out of this fix.”

“But it was all good-natured ribbing.”

Guiao had the last laugh as the Road Warriors went on to complete an 86-85 victory behind Jericho Cruz’s last-second putback, completing a 26-point lead comeback.